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Serving at NHC

Nags Head Church values serving. One of our sayings around the church is, "Every partner a minister".  Ministry is not something just for the "paid professionals", ministry is something every believer should be involved in.
The first step to serving on a ministry team at NHC is to become a Partner (member) of the church.  

You can find more details about becoming a Partner HERE

Our partners serving is what makes our Sunday morning worship services happen. We have over 70 partners serving each Sunday morning at NHC. We also have partners who serve during the week leading Connection Groups, hosting groups, cleaning the church, serving coffee and more.

From our Core Values:
He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love. (Ephesians 4:11-16)
From our Church Covenant:
I will serve the ministry of my church
> By discovering my gifts and talents
> By being equipped to serve by my pastors
> By developing a servant's heart

Our current ministry teams are:
NHC Kids - serving each Sunday with our children in 0 through 5th grades.
Kiosk Team - Serving our guests and regular attenders assisting them in checking their children into NHC Kids.
First Impressions - Greeting guests and partners each Sunday morning and giving a warm welcome to NHC.
Parking Lot - Serving by helping with traffic flow and parking before and after our services.
Hospitality -Making and serving coffee and pastries and greeting attenders and talking with guests.
MP 13 - Using musical abilities to lead the church in worship in song. (auditions required)
Tech - Serving by operating the audio and visual equipment during worship gatherings on Sunday morning.
Teller - Counting the offering on Sundays and making the deposit
Connection Group Leader -facilitating a small group Bible study
Connection Group Host - Hosting a Connection Group in your home
Housekeeping - Making our church facilities shine
Counseling Team - Serving the church by offering to counsel partners in need. Team members are required to take courses and be certified.
Security Team - Helping to keep us safe and secure.
The Do Crew - Doing handyman-type jobs around the church building.
NHC Students - Serving students in the 6th through 12 grades.

For more information about serving at NHC please contact Leadership .