Growth Track


Sunday morning worship 9AM and 11AM

The Growth Track

Nags Head Church is committed to discipleship and helping others grow in their faith relationship with the Lord.  One of the ways we accomplish this is through The Growth Track.  
The Growth Track is a series of studies together that cover involvement in the local church, the daily habits of a Christ-follower, the discovery of how God has shaped us to serve Christ and His church, living life on mission, and living to worship the Lord.
Each class is taken in order and each will have a series of pull-throughs or follow-ups for the application of what was learned.

Discovering Life at NHC.  In this class, the participant learns what we believe, how we function as a church, our vision, and purpose that comes from God.  This class is also the first step in becoming a partner (member) of NHC.        

 You can find out more  HERE

Discovering the Basics will walk through discovering the habits that help us in our spiritual growth:
Daily quiet time in prayer and the Bible, accountability to one another, Bible study, involvement in the church, giving generously, scripture memory.

Discovering my Ministry will help you discover how God has shaped you to serve.  He has given you a Spiritual gift, passions, abilities, a personality, and experiences to be used in building up the local church and serving one another.

Discovering PEACE we learn together how to implement personal PEACE in our life by discovering how to share our personal faith story with others and live life on mission.  We also share our church's mission strategy for local and global missions.

Discovering Magnification we learn together how we worship God in every aspect of our life and how to adore Him.

Growth Tracks are offered throughout the year.
EMAIL Ian for more details.