Next Steps


Sunday morning worship 9am and 11aM


A Connection Group consists of 5-12 people who meet once a week in homes and other venues all over the Outer Banks for worship, prayer, fellowship and discussion.

A relaxing and non-threatening place where you will feel welcome, our C-Groups are diverse (men's, women's, singles, couples, coeds, parents, students, etc.), which means that we have a group to fit just about anyone.

If you truly want to experience what following God is really all about at Nags Head Church, C-Groups are the best place to start.
 to register today for a C-Group.
Don't see a C-Group that works with your schedule? Let us know! We'd love to start a new group!
for more information.


Baptism is the next step of obedience after placing your trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior.  If you have questions about salvation and becoming a Christian please let us know HERE.
If are a Christian but have yet to follow Christ's example in baptism and are ready to do so please take a moment and read about Baptism and NHC HERE.
Ready to be baptized? Please fill out this form for our next baptism class. Our next class is Sunday, March 7, 2021.

Becoming a Partner (member)

Our next Discovering Life in Nags Head Church class is on Wednesday, November 10, 6pm.   You can register for the class HERE.

Our church is an organism, alive and growing, not an organization. Some equate membership with a club or social organization. Here at NHC we call our members, "partners". We believe that God places believers in the church body to function as the part he wants them to be, to help grow the church and to help the church become healthy. (Ephesians 4:16)
If you have been attending NHC and are ready to become a partner:
1. Fill out the form to register for our next Discovering Life at Nags Head Church class HERE.
2. Attend the class.
3. Fill out the Partnership Application and Doing My Part HERE
4. Attend the New Partner Interview and Lunch.
If you have any questions please contact our Pastor of Assimilation, Scott Williams.


Ministry is serving the local church.  Each partner in the church has been gifted by God with a spiritual gift.  God has shaped our lives for ministry.  At NHC we say, "Every partner is a minister".  Partners of NHC are expected to join a ministry team and serve in the local church.  If you are interested in serving and are not a member please see the section above about partnership in NHC.  If you are a partner and looking for a ministry team you are more than welcome to take a ministry for a "test drive".  Please contact our Mobilization Pastor, Andy Lawrenson, if you have any questions.


Mission is serving our community and world, and reaching out to them with the good news of Jesus Christ.  Nags Head Church provides our partners with many opportunities to do missions.  We encourage our partners to share their faith with others at work, in their family, and neighborhood.  There are a few mission events we host and sponsor that non-partners may be involved in.  We take teams of our partners on mission trips as part of our PEACE mission initiative in the Bahamas.  If you are interested in missions please contact our Mobilization Pastor, Andy Lawrenson, if you have any questions.