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Easter Sunday Worship at Home

by: Andy Lawrenson



That very first Easter Sunday, the disciples were all huddled in a house together in fear, with lots of questions, wondering what is going to happen.
That first Easter Sunday was celebrated in a house, not in a church building.

Does this sound familiar? Here we sit in our homes, many are in fear, we have lots of questions, we are all wondering about the future.
We get to celebrate Easter Sunday just like the disciples did that very first Sunday.

Some ideas to celebrate Easter Sunday at home:

Put on your Easter best. Most of us… read more

On Mission During the Shutdown

by: Andy Lawrenson



We find ourselves in a weird position for missions during this time. The opportunity around us and also around the world is great, but trying to navigate being on mission while being couped up at home can be tricky. I have a few thoughts, but I know there are many people out there with more creative ideas.

Much of what we do, participate in, work, and other parts of our lives have come to a halt the mission of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ has not.

Here are a few of the ideas I thought of today:

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We're All In This Together

by: Andy Lawrenson



* Pastor Rick's Article from the Outer Banks Voice

Culture never stays the same. And with the advent of so much technology, things change ever more rapidly. Dylan was right when he said that, “The Times, They are A-changing.” He just had no idea how rapidly the times would change in the spring of 2020. None of us did. Who thought they would be giving up so much for Lent? This “new normal” is no fun.

So, here we are. The threat of a rapidly expanding killer (sometimes) virus headed our way. And with it, a plunging economy. Here on… read more