About Nags Head Church

Nags Head Baptist Church began in the late 1940’s as a Sunday school mission of Roanoke Island Baptist Church.  Their pastor, Frank Dinwiddie and his mother were burdened that residents on the beach had no Baptist church at the time to attend.  The Sunday school began to grow and to raise funds to buy a small lot on Soundside Road.  In 1950 the little white church building opened, and in 1956 the mission became an autonomous body of believers, providing both locals and vacationers a place to worship.  For the next 35 years the church went through its highs and lows, as do most churches, but never lost its commitment to the Gospel and the Word of God.

The 1990’s ushered in a new era of hope and vision.  The church began to grow in number and grow younger, reaching young families moving into the rapidly growing Outer Banks community.  That growth required changes in methods, but the church maintained her faithfulness to Scripture.  In 1994 the church’s structure transitioned from a single pastor to a body of elders leading and teaching the congregation.  Our Vision Statement, adopted in 1996 still provides us biblical parameters for all we do in ministry and outreach.  It was also at that time that our worship began to shift from a traditional style to one more contemporary.  A discipleship strategy built around the five biblical purposes of fellowship, discipleship, ministry, outreach and worship was adopted in the late 1990’s.  In 2004 the church elected to change the name to simply “Nags Head Church” while retaining our Baptist beliefs and affiliations.  And in 2005 the church was recognized by Saddleback Church and Pastor Rick Warren for it’s commitment to church health.

Through the turn of the century, church health and the growth that comes with it caused us to add multiple worship gatherings on Sunday mornings, from one to two, and then from two to three.  It became evident that the tiny building we had used for over 50 years was not able to meet our needs.  Adjoining properties were acquired to prepare for the future, and in 2007 we moved into our current building, tripling our Sunday morning capacity for worship and adding much needed space for children’s and youth ministries. 

Nags Head Church has become a church known by the community for our outreach into the lives of families.  We are serious about “Loving God, Loving Others and Reaching the World”.