NHC Podcast (Audio)

Here you can listen to our audio podcast, with the most recent sermon featured below, followed by the "Media Archive" containing previous sermons dating back to 2010, beginning with the six most recent.  To quickly find a previous sermon, sort either by DATE, SERIES, SPEAKER, or TITLE. (Look for the drop down selection boxes to the right of "Media Archive" in the section below.)


Visit the link above to WATCH our newer sermons on YouTube, with each series separated into 'playlists', making it easy to watch on 'smart TVs' and other TV connected devices such as Fire TV, Roku, some Blu Ray players and game consoles, or any connected device with a 'YouTube' app.  (Don't forget to click the "Subscribe" button to receive updates as new videos are uploaded each week, and to access them easily from your TV connected devices.)


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